Gas Piping puyallup


We provide residential and business office customers with gas piping installation for new construction or appliance conversions as contractors in good standing that meet all local codes, industry standards and manufacturer’s guidelines.

Working with gas line installation, replacement or pipe upgrade requires proper gas piping sizing to ensure proper gas delivery to each appliance in exacting amounts to perform properly.

Our certified technicians are skilled to:

  • Determine the minimum input demand in BTU’s per hour for each appliance
  • Properly calculate, install and pressure test the proper sized piping
  • Ensure that the gas system meets all codes and safety standards

As one of the most reputable companies serving residential and small business owners in this area with new lines or relocation of existing lines, we can obtain necessary permits and help facilitate approvals for your project.

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Gas Line Installation puyallup


We are licensed, certified and authorized for a broad range of projects that involve gas piping and gas line repair.

Our gas line installation services include new fireplace systems and equipping outdoor kitchens with gas lines and shutoff valves to provide a beautiful extension of your home for entertaining.

Our broader range of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Appliance conversions such as clothes dryers, cook tops, stoves and ovens
  • Gas fireplaces with safe and proper venting
  • Gas log set installations
  • Gas piping installation and maintenance
  • Electric to gas or gas to gas retrofits
  • Rerouting existing lines

Whether your project is large or small we deliver the same high level of customer service.

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puyallup Gas Line Repair


While natural gas is one of the safer, more efficient and cost effective forms of energy we are careful to make our residential and business office customers aware of potential hazards.

As providers of gas piping installation to power stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers and other appliances around your home or office, we also have trained and certified technicians for gas line repair to maintain reliable and efficient systems.

These are reasons to choose us for service:

  • Quick service following inspection and gas shut down in response to gas leaks
  • Outstanding reputation for prompt, professional and honest service
  • Full-time employees – not subcontractors
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Experience since founding in 1990
  • Affordable pricing
  • Focus on safety
  • Our knowledge and expertise involving all aspects of our business

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