Heat Pump System Renton


Just like any other appliance, your heat pump system requires maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape to provide your home or business in Renton with reliable and efficient year-round heating and cooling.

What does that mean? Ideally, for the purpose of safety we recommend an inspection and evaluation of these focus areas by one of our factory-trained and certified service technicians:

  • Electrical
  • Pump controls
  • Refrigeration
  • The air-filter

The purpose of basic maintenance service is to extend the life of your equipment, and keep it operating at optimal performance.

If your existing system has reached a point where repairs will no longer extend its life, or service costs are greater than 50 percent of the cost of a new system, we can assist you in selecting a replacement unit, help design a new system, provide a new heat pump installation, and complete the project with a full inspection.

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Heat Pump Repair Renton


Consistent with other HVAC technologies, heat pump systems are undergoing constant improvements.

Whether you have an older or more current version, these units are a reliable and efficient means of heating and cooling homes and businesses in Renton. However, like all heating and cooling systems proper maintenance and timely service is key to efficient operation.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians are skilled in heat pump repair of all major brands. The most frequent service calls fall into these three categories:

  • Faulty thermostat wiring or defective standard and programmable thermostats
  • Condensers-Low refrigerant levels, faulty timer motors or worn defrost control boards
  • Ductwork-leakage, crimped, poorly connected or improperly sized

With a timely maintenance plan in place your service calls will likely be infrequent, but the life span of your equipment should be longer and it should operate with greater efficiency.

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Renton Heat Pump Installation


If your existing system is failing, or your heat pump repair costs are excessively high, we can provide a new heat pump installation with highly versatile and energy-efficient options.

This is how we can help Renton residents with this important decision:

  • Choice selections using our knowledge of and experience with all major brands
  • Expert sizing to optimize performance and efficiency
  • Load calculation
  • SEER and HSPF rating evaluations
  • Proposed options
  • …and much more

Our factory-trained and certified technicians can provide a heat pump installation of the highest quality equipment with the best warranties in the business!

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