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Thermostat with sensorYou don’t have to be a gadget geek to take advantage of smart technologies like a programmable office or home thermostat to reduce your energy bill as much as $180 annually by automatically reducing your heating or cooling when least needed.

If you are experiencing problems with your outdated unit one of our technicians can assess the situation to determine whether to repair or replace the thermostat based on:

  • An outdated office or home thermostat requiring frequent repairs
  • A noticeable rise in utility costs
  • Your heating or cooling system will not start
  • The heating or cooling system cycles off and on repeatedly without changing the temperature
  • Indoor temperature differs from what is shown on the unit

Our technicians are experienced in all types of standard or programmable thermostat installation and repair.

Call BlueLine HVAC to inspect your unit if you are experiencing problems or you have a pending installation of a new heating or cooling system.

Replace Thermostat Puyallup

We can send a professional technician to your home or office to repair or replace a thermostat.

Our service technicians are the most reliable when it comes to determining the proper equipment for regulating your office or home temperature.

Because our technicians are intensively trained in every equipment type that we offer, repair or install, they are knowledgeable as well when working with regulating equipment and identifying how your home is equipped for compatibility, such as

  • Programmable and smart regulating units
  • Single and double pole units
  • Zone heating and cooling
  • 1 stage, direct line voltage or 24mV
  • And units that are compatible only with certain HVAC equipment

If your home or business office isn’t heating or cooling properly it can turn a gorgeous day into a nightmare experience. Quick response on our part can save time, money, and restore your home or office to a comfortable environment. Call us today!

Puyallup Thermostat Installation

Trying to wire a programmable office or home thermostat without proper knowledge can lead to damages of up to thousands of dollars to your HVAC system.

While you may have recently updated your HVAC system, an old manual regulating unit may not be compatible or may not work efficiently with the HVAC system update.

These are reasons to choose us for a programmable thermostat installation:

  • Our knowledge of how heating systems and regulating units interact
  • Ability to best locate the unit to prevent “ghost readings”
  • Factory certified in the latest technologies and advancements
  • Our friendly technicians will program the units for users experiencing difficulty
  • Repair and install capabilities of all makes and models
  • Our high-quality service
  • Ability to run auto diagnostics

We are HVAC service experts so let us take the responsibility for our work quality and installation of your new unit without voiding your warranty.

Call BlueLine HVAC if you are uncertain where to start with a programmable regulating unit. We’re here to help! (253) 444-9049

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